A Plan is Coming Together

Alright cannabis fans I think I’m finally making some progress here. After many hours of reading and general research I think I’ve decided on my grow setup. I came across  a nice little blog (growher.wordpress.com) here on the WordPress pages that turned me on to another online growing resource growweedeasy.com. They’re full of useful knowledge […]


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What’s the point?

I’m having a hard time here folks. I have poured a lot of time and effort into learning the cannabis industry. I am reaching out on social media seeking like minded individuals and organizations but STILL having a hard time wading through the pool of utter shit that exists in this space. Why is it […]

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It’s Legal, What Now?

My experience with cannabis is mostly a G-rated tale. My professional career was curbed due to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Or at least what I thought was happiness. So now that the flood gates have flung ajar I’m left feeling a little intimidated. It seems the culture has evolved a bit. I […]

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