A Plan is Coming Together

Alright cannabis fans I think I’m finally making some progress here. After many hours of reading and general research I think I’ve decided on my grow setup. I came across  a nice little blog (growher.wordpress.com) here on the WordPress pages that turned me on to another online growing resource growweedeasy.com. They’re full of useful knowledge on all types of setups and encompass the overall scope I would like to build up to. So kudos to Growher and growweedeasy for providing a little direction. Many thanks!

I found a solution that will best work for my situation regarding the amount of space I can currently dedicate to this project as well as the initial setup and materials I am going to need. I settled on the Bubbleponics Top-Fed DWC system for my first grow. I like the idea of a nice, neat, contained system. I’ve always wondered how hydroponics worked and I think this is a great idea and mostly idiot proof as I figure all this mess out. After a quick Amazon search I’ve even found prebuilt systems so I can jump in real turnkey style.

So I’ve got some space and I think I have a handle on everything I’m going to need. Now, just to find a seedbank or legit source for seeds and I’ll be ready to rock. So exciting! Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “A Plan is Coming Together

  1. Growweedeasy is definitely a good resource I’ve found. Check out Affnan Aquaponics on youtube for some larger systems and something to dream for. Flood and drain comes a close second when trying to maximize feedings. Good luck!

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