What’s the point?

I’m having a hard time here folks. I have poured a lot of time and effort into learning the cannabis industry. I am reaching out on social media seeking like minded individuals and organizations but STILL having a hard time wading through the pool of utter shit that exists in this space. Why is it so important to embody the stoner stereotype? At what point is identifying yourself as “OG Kush Killa” helping the cause? Are we really going to see sweeping change and legalization by posting deep bong hits and smoke ring tricks on Instagram?

stonerBut I digress. Or do I? Fuck this is annoying. I know it’s me and I’m just being a little bitch about it but “NO ONE CARES”! Look I’m glad you don’t have anything better to do today than get super-baked and play with your cat but other people have better shit to do. Where are the smokers that are really into fitness or have a craft they are mastering? We have so many strains specifically designed for certain moods or certain effects and all I see is the white boy wannabe gangsta without a job pretending he’s a baller.

BUT, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you look hard enough the pioneers are out there. Perhaps keeping that low profile I keep talking about. Maybe I’ve been fishing in the wrong pond. Given enough time the simplistic beauty emerges in all her splendor and my faith is renewed for a spell. Maybe good things come to those who wait or maybe, just maybe, I need cannabis more than I thought.

Check out this magic…


Websites I’ve been frequenting lately:

HighTimes.com – Obviously. Maybe a little too focused but there is tons of great info.

CannabisCulture.com – Also really good information.

Leafly.com – Just awesome photos mixed with highly educational material.


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